Raving Fans and Yelp!

Yelp ReviewOur business is PEOPLE, and they are precious; we help them get around and connect with the world. We also help those with special needs regain their mobility and independence. Without people we don’t exist, and that’s why every step we take we have our customers in mind; their wellbeing, comfort and safety – we love to create raving fans!

A mentor once told us “for every unhappy customer that you know of, there are seven others who have moved on silently.” According to Vision Critical the annual cost of unhappy customers is $537 Billion ($537,030,000,000). This is a staggering number, but when you think of it – it’s real. That’s why we work hard to make sure every trip results in a raving fan, yet Yelp continues to hide our positive reviews.

What’s the real cost to our business for every positive review that Yelp hides? In today’s connected social world online reviews matter – will Yelp heed our voice?




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