Is your NEMT Provider Breaking the Law

Two different encounters prompted this post.

Within the past few weeks a prospect client asked us if we would administer Oxygen during a stretcher trip. The answer is NO – even though we have a license to “supply” Oxygen we are not licensed to administer it. The response we got was: “our current NEMT provider administers Oxygen, they have an EMT on staff”. Well, they are breaking the law!

This past Sunday we received a call from a client to transport a customer with a stretcher and supply a BiPAP machine. Again, our response was consistent: “we do NOT provide medical monitoring and we are not allowed to carry medical equipment in our vans”. We advised the client to call an ambulance. Later we found out that another NEMT provider may have performed this trip with said equipment, which is also a clear violation of the Arizona law.

As a “non-emergency” medical transportation company we do NOT offer any medical monitoring/care during our trips nor do we carry medical equipment in our vans. We fully comply with Arizona Statute 36-2223. This statute governs what we can and can’t do while transporting customers on wheelchairs and stretchers, and all NEMT providers in Arizona must abide by it.

Here is an excerpt from Arizona Statute 36-2223:
C. A stretcher van or wheelchair van shall not contain medical equipment or supplies or display any marking, symbols or warning devices that imply that it offers medical care or ambulance transportation.

To all of our clients, including facilities and hospice companies, please read Arizona Statute 36-2223 – and if any NEMT provider tells you they can transport customers with IVs, have an EMT on staff or they can carry or operate any medical equipment during a trip, they are breaking the law. Please do not condone such practices, you need to call an ambulance when necessary – and you may be liable if you don’t.

And, in an emergency always call 911.


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