C’mon Emma, What’s Wrong with Going Paperless!

As a responsible organization, we want to play a positive role in saving the environment by destroying less trees, and adopting more efficient lean business workflows. There is plenty we could do in this regard, however we decided to go after low-hanging fruit first, and also leverage technology tools to get us there.

To start with, we adopted Box as our electronic online document management and file sharing solution. We believe if a document is born digitally, it needs to remain digital. This belief led us to our second change in business practices. We implemented DocuSign for digital signatures – no more wet-signed documents!

Third, we decided to tackle our trip management process. Preparing our driver’s manifest was a production and had more waste than anything else. It involved: trip selection, assignment and routing, formatting, printing and closing the loop by tracking trip actual times. We had an elaborate design that produced a 3 – 4 page manifest for each route. Something had to be done to automate this process. Rolling-out MediRoutes, a scheduling and dispatching application by ScheduleViewer, gave us an elegant solution to our wasteful process. This application helped us reduce the driver’s manifest to one page, and also offered us the benefit of online tracking and reporting. Using their smart-phones, our drivers now use a native Android app to report trip progress and communicate status in real-time. In addition, the online scheduling and dispatching console gave us the ability to make schedule changes on-the-fly and communicate with drivers more efficiently.

We are always looking for better ways to do things and elevate the level of our game. We will never be satisfied with the status quo. MO MedTrans was built on a belief that you can either lead and accept change or let it happen to you at the risk of becoming extinct.

Now, can someone convince Emma that change is good, inevitable, and nothing wrong with going paperless? Of course we aren’t getting rid of toilet paper any time soon!

Love to hear from you!