Caregivers and Medical Transportation

Can Caregivers Provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

This post provides an answer to this important question with paid caregivers in mind, those who operate in Arizona and use their personal or company vehicles to transport customers to medical appointments and run errands. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the caregiver is an independent contractor or an employee of a non-medical home care company. If a company and its caregivers transport customers and get paid for it, they are operating livery vehicles per Arizona Statute 41-2051 – see definition #17.

In Arizona, livery vehicles must be licensed by the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures (AZDWM). And, to ensure public safety, they must abide by regulations requiring commercial auto insurance, commercial vehicle registration, keeping record of vehicle maintenance, etc. In addition, driver’s operating livery vehicles must undergo background check and drug testing. So, if you or your loved ones are being transported by caregivers, using their personal or company vehicles, ask them the following questions:

1. Are you licensed by the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures?
2. Do you have commercial auto insurance?
3. Do you perform background checks and drug testing?

AZDWM StickerMake sure you see proof. The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures issues a sticker that is installed on the back of livery vehicles, and must be renewed every year.

So, the answer to the question is: yes, caregivers and non-medical home care companies can provide non-emergency medical transportation as long as  they are properly licensed and follow Arizona law. Otherwise, they may be operating illegally in Arizona.

When in doubt, you can contact the Arizona Department of Weights and Measure by phone at 602-771-4920 to verify if a company or individual is properly licensed to provide transportation services in Arizona.

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