Can we Stop at the Pharmacy?

This is a question we get asked frequently. The short answer is yes for our private paying customers. They have hired us directly and control when and where we take them. So, whether we are on our way home from a doctor’s appointment or after getting discharged from a hospital, we can stop and assist them pickup a prescription from the pharmacy. Our normal hourly rates applys in this case.

On the other hand, we have contracts with insurance companies and transportation brokers, and we are required to get pre-authorization prior to making any stops. We are obligated to execute trips as initially authorized; from point A to point B. If your insurance company is paying for your medical transportation, please call them first and get authorization for the pharmacy stop.

With this in mind, choose to ride with us for all your medical transportation needs and rest assured that we will accommodate your preferences. Never settle for less!

Love to hear from you!